Sawdust Dryer Machine

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Sawdust Dryer Machine

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Product description:Before the crushed sawdust is extruded in extruder machine,they needs to be dried by our sawdust dryer machine,our sawdust rotary drum dryer is a kind...

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Sawdust Dryer Machine

Sawdust Dryer Machine
Before the crushed sawdust is extruded in extruder machine, they needs to be dried by our sawdust dryer machine, and after drying the excess water, materials can be better extruded.

Working principle

Sawdust Dryer Machine
Our sawdust rotary drum dryer is a kind of indirect rotary dryer, hot air enters the drying drum from heater under the traction of air. Hot air and rolling materials are fully contacted to achieve the drying effect. This sawdust dryer machine is suitable for flammable particles, indirect drying does not pollute and carbonize materials that need to be dried, and drying quality is good.


Parameter of sawdust rotary drum dryer

Machines details

Details of sawdust dryer machine
1. Indirect sawdust rotary drum dryer can effectively avoid material contamination and carbonization.
2. Machine drying bears rate is high, production is large, energy saving and environmental protection
3. The overall thermal insulation efficiency is as high as 70%, and the thermal efficiency is increased by 35%.

Crushing effect display

Crushing effect of sawdust dryer machine
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Customers site

Customers site of sawdust dryer machine

Product line

Product line of sawdust dryer machine
Before extrusion moulding of mechanized charcoal, we need to use our sawdust dryer machine to dry the crushed raw materials, and then the crushed raw materials are transferred to the dryer. The hot air enters the drying cylinder and contacts the dried materials fully to achieve better drying effect, the dried materials are transferred to the rod making machine for extrusion forming. The formed wood bars can be put into the hoisting carbonization furnace for carbonization according to the need.

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