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Vertical Dryer

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Vertical Dryer

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Product description:Vertical dryer is a kind of dryer equipment,the material to be dried is conveyed to the top of the vertical dryer by belt conveyor and distributed eve...

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Vertical Dryer

Vertical Dryer
Vertical dryer is a kind of dryer equipment, it is to solve the problem that the common dryer has a large area and a high failure rate, and it fully embodies the characteristics of innovation and expansion in production and operation. It is an ideal equipment for drying briquette and other products.

Working principle and Structural diagram

Working principle and Structural diagram of vertical dryer
The material to be dried is conveyed to the top of the vertical dryer by belt conveyor and distributed evenly by the distribution device. The material moves slowly down by gravity and exchanges heat with strong wind on one side of its running track, the moisture evaporated during drying is carried away randomly by strong wind, and the drying time of different materials is different, and the material after drying is different. Fully dried.

Machines features or details

Features and details of vertical dryer
1. Our vertical dryer has good process matching and is suitable for large processing plants.
2. It saves a lot of manpower and reduces the intensity of labor.
3. Save the space and increase the output.

Customers site

Customers site of vertical dryer

Product line

Product line of vertical dryer
After carbonization of biomass materials, we use our charcoal crusher to crush them. The crushed materials need to be added adhesives in the binder mixing barrel and milled by wheels. The stirred materials are sent to the moulding machine for pressing and shaping. Then we can use our vertical dryer to dry the moulded charcoal or spherical charcoal, which has good drying effect and is very popular and loved.

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