Coal Briquettes Dryer

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Coal Briquettes Dryer

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Product description:In order to make the shaped coal briquette burn more thoroughly and store better, we can use our Lantian brand coal briquettes dryer to dry excess wat...

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Coal Briquettes Dryer

Coal Briquettes Dryer

Coal is a limited resource, products processed by our coal briquette machine can be used in domestic or industrial boilers. In order to make it burn more thoroughly and store better, we can use our Lantian brand coal briquettes dryer to dry excess water.

Working principle

 Working principle of coal briquettes dryer
Our coal briquettes dryer and coal drying equipment are carefully designed and developed by designer, they according inverse Carnot principle, the hot air circulation system circulates have high drying effect, and  just needs to use electric energy to drive the compressor, and drying time and the temperature can be utilized by PLC intelligent control panel.


 Parameter of coal briquettes dryer
Our coal drying machine has a variety of models, and can be customized according to customer needs, customers need to consult our online customer service according to the actual situation.

Machines features

Machines features of coal briquettes dryer
Please click here to watch video about honeycomb coal briquettes dryer

Customers site

Customers site of coal briquettes dryer

Installing site

Installing site of coal briquettes dryer

Product line

 Product line of coal briquettes dryer
If the raw material is lump coal, we need to use our coal crushing machine to crush them. After crushed, the coal powder needs to be evenly stirred by adding adhesive in the wheel mill, then it is conveyed to the moulding machine through the conveyor belt of the automatic feeder for pressing and moulding, the finished material is evenly placed on the drying tray and pushed into the drying room. The coal briquettes dryer has simple operation, excellent performance, and is very popular and loved. 

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