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Industrial Dryer

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Industrial Dryer

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Product description:Our industrial dryer belongs to air energy heat pump dryer machine, which have high quality and reasonasble price, after drying, our machines can make...

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Industrial Dryer

Industrial Dryer
Barbecue charcoal and briquette materials need to be dried by industrial dryer after processing. The dryer designed and developed by our Lantian production team has the characteristics of high efficiency and high performance, which are widely praised in many countries.

Working principle

Working principle of industrial dryer
When the industrial dryer machine works, it adopts the principle of environmental protection and energy saving, the compressor is driven by electric energy, and air energy can be compressed into the heat energy needed by the drying room, PLC intelligent control panel can adjust the temperature, humidity and the drying time.

Structure diagram and prameter

Structure diagram and prameter of industrial dryer
Our air-energy heat pump dryer machine is easy to install and disassemble, and we have many types, customers can choose the right type according to their needs or the area of the factory.

Machines features

Features of industrial dryer

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Customers site

Customers site of industrial dryer
Our box dryer are well recognized and loved by overseas customers, and customers from many countries purchase from our sales.

Installing site

Installing site of industrial dryer
The industrial dryer machine is made of high quality thermal insulation materials, which are easy to install and disassemble. Many customers give us feedback during the installation process.
Product line
Product line of industrial dryer
The crushed materials need to be proportionally equipped with adhesives, and then stirred by wheel mill, the stirred materials are sent to the moulder for pressing and shaping, and finished materials need to use our industrial dryer to dry excess moisture in order to facilitate long-term storage and efficient combustion.

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