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Tree Leaves Crusher

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Tree Leaves Crusher

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Product description:Our Lantian team has developed a series of crushers, our tree leaves crusher is compact in size, which can crush branches, leaves, twigs, crop straws ...

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Tree Leaves Crusher

Tree Leaves Crusher

Our Lantian team has developed a series of crushers, which can crush a variety of materials and effectively make full use of materials. Our mobile crusher is compact in size, which can crush branches, leaves, twigs, crop straws and reeds. The machine is environmentally friendly and energy-saving operation is simple, very popular and appreciated.

Working principle

 Tree Leaves Crusher
When tree leaves crusher is working, raw materials are evenly and appropriately fed into the crushing chamber, and strongly attacked by the high-speed rotating hammer in the crushing chamber, and at the same time, the material is quickly crushed into powder under the action of tearing and rubbing between the teeth plates.

Crushing effect display

 Crushing effect display of tree leaves crusher

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Machines advantages
1. Our mobile crusher machine has high output, low energy consumption and high cost performance.
2. The tree leaves crusher can effectively utilize resources, is easy to install and operate.
3. The fuselage is made of high-quality materials, which are environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Customers site

 Customers site of tree leaves crusher

Product line

 Product line of tree leaves crusher
Our mobile crusher can crush biomass such as branches and leaves. The machine is compact and portable, and is suitable for gardens and households. After crushing, crushed materials can be dried by indirect rotary dryer, and after removing excess water, the following process can be selected according to their own needs. Customers can use our biomass pellet crusher to extrude and shape, and we also can use our extruder machine to extrude. Lantian brand machines are environmentally friendly and healthy, and also simple to operate, which is very popular and recognized by customers.

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