Sawdust Crusher Machine

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Sawdust Crusher Machine

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Product description:In order to make full use of resources, our Lantian team has developed sawdust crusher machine, which can crush waste wood through our machine, so as ...

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Sawdust Crusher Machine

Sawdust Crusher Machine
The internal structure of sawdust crusher is mainly composed of upper body, lining board, crushing tool, lower body, rotor, fan, discharge pipe, chassis and bag filter. The unique lining board of the equipment increases the wear resistance of the equipment; the dust removal equipment solves the problem of dust pollution more humanely, and the finished products after crushing are also environmentally friendly and clean.

Working principle

Sawdust Crusher Machine

Our sawdust crusher machine uses blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact, dual crushing function in one, and can simultaneously complete the micro-material sorting process. In the process of blade cutting and comminution, the rotor generates high-speed air flow, which rotates with the direction of blade cutting, accelerates the material in the air flow, and repeatedly impacts the material to be double comminuted at the same time, accelerates the material comminution efficiency.

Parameter and details

Parameter and details of sawdust crusher machine

1.The sawdust crusher has compact structure and small floor area, and is suitable for mobile operation.
2.The unique lining plate increases the wear resistance of the equipment, has good internal quality and low power consumption.
3.Bag dust removal system can effectively avoid dust pollution
4.Applicable to all kinds of bamboo, branches, waste wood, can be limited recycling resources

Crushing effect display

Crushing effect of sawdust crusher machine
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Customers site

Customers site of sawdust crusher machine

Product line

Product line of sawdust crusher machine
Our Lantian sawdust crusher machine can crush many kinds of wood raw materials and transport wood to the inlet port of the crusher, the material is impacted and crushed by blades at high speed inside the machine. If the water content of crushed wood chips is over 15%, materials will drying by sawdust rotary dryer. If the water content is less than 15%, we can directly use our biomass pellet machine for pressing and shaping.

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