Charcoal Crusher Machine

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Charcoal Crusher Machine

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Product description:Our Henan Lantian technical team have produced a new type of charcoal crusher machine in accordance with the market trend, which can prevent the envir...

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Charcoal Crusher Machine

Charcoal Crusher Machine

Our machine is used to crush the charcoal block, etc. into fine powder less than 500 meshes. The charcoal crusher machine is made of the blades, blowing system, pulse dust catcher and other parts, in the crushing process, it has high speed and efficiency, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Working Principle

Charcoal Crusher Machine

When the charcoal crusher machine starts to work, after the material enters the crusher, the hammer knocks on the large raw material, and then the material is cut, rubbed and ground by the blade, which achieves the purpose of crushing. While crushing and grinding the material, the blowing system plays the role of cooling the machine, ensuring the safety and health of the machine. The pulse dust catcher system prevents the dust from entering the bearing chamber and protects the machine and avoid environmental pollution.


Parameter of charcoal crusher machine

Machine details

Details of charcoal crusher machine

1. The hammer head inside the crusher is made of special metal with high hardness and wear resistance.

2. Pulse dust collector can prevent charcoal powder from flying around in the air while working, and protect the machine and environment.

3. Machines has low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.
4. Suitable for many raw materials, such as cement block, coal block, charcoal block, etc. The crushed material is convenient for subsequent processing.

Crusher effect display

Crusher effect of charcoal crusher machine
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Customer case

Customers site of charcoal crusher machine

Production process

Product line of charcoal crusher machine

The charcoal to be crushed is conveyed from the inlet to the crusher. The charcoal blocks are crushed by high speed impact in the charcoal crusher machine. The impulse dust removal system can effectively prevent dust pollution during crushing, the crushed materials are transferred to the binder mixing barrel for adding adhesives. After mixing, the materials are conveyed by the conveyor belt to the moulding machine for pressing the tablets and balls. If materials need drying, customers can using our box dryer for drying, the materials after drying can be better burned and stored. 

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