Coal Crusher

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Coal Crusher

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Product description:Coal is the most commonly used fuel in life. Lantian Brand coal crusher can crush newly unearthed coal cinder into coal powder for subsequent processi...

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Coal Crusher

Coal Crusher

The coal crushing machine developed by the Lantian technical team can crush coal into fine powder of less than 500 mesh. This machine includes the main engine, blade and pulse dust catcher. The machine has high crushing efficiency and is environmentally friendly, and the pulse dust catcher can effectively avoid dust pollution.

Working Principle

Coal Crusher

When the coal crusher starts to operate, the coal block is put into the crusher, and the coal block is rubbed and cut by the blade in the crusher, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing. At the same time of crushing and grinding materials, the pulse dust removal system can effectively avoid dust pollution, while the cooling system plays the role of cooling and heat dissipation to ensure the safety of the machine.


Parameter of coal crusher

Machine Characteristics

Details of coal crusher

1. The blade inside the crusher has high hardness and wear resistance.
2. Pulse dust catcher can effectively avoid dust pollution in crushing process
3.Cooling system can timely cooling and heat dissipation, protect the machine and avoid excessive wear and tear.
4. Coal crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency and convenient operation and maintenance.

Crusher effect display

Crusher effect of coal crusher
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Customer case

Customers site of coal crusher

Production process

Product line of coal crusher

Before coal is processed, it needs to be crushed by our coal crushing machine. The crushed coal is transferred to the auto feeder weighter to add adhesive proportionally. After mixing in the wheel mixer, it is evenly conveyed by conveyor belt to the briquette equipment for compaction and shaping. After shaping, it needs to be dried by our air energy heat pump dryer or mesh belt dryer for storage and combustion. 

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