Charcoal Crusher

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Charcoal Crusher

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Product description:Our charcoal crusher can crush charcoal to facilitate the subsequent addition of adhesives and extrusion molding, our machines have high quality and s...

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Charcoal Crusher

Charcoal Crusher
The raw material for pressing shisha charcoal can be fruit wood and other biomass materials. Our charcoal crusher can crush charcoal to facilitate the subsequent addition of adhesives and extrusion molding, our machines mainly have blades, blowing system, pulse dust catcher, machines, which have high quality and stable performance.

Working Principle

Charcoal Crusher
After the material enters the crusher, the hammer inside the crusher strikes the charcoal, and the blade inside the crusher cuts, rubs and grinds the material to achieve the purpose of crushing, the coconut charcoal crusher machine has a good cooling system. When the machine is running, the cooling system prays for the function of cooling to protect the machine. Pulse dust-proof system can effectively avoid dust pollution, also can prevent dust from entering the bearing room, protect the machine and avoid environmental pollution.


Parameter of charcoal crusher

Details of charcoal crusher

Details of charcoal crusher
1. The hammer head is made of high hardness and wear resistance.
2. Pulse dust catcher can prevent charcoal powder flying around in the air .
3. Coconut charcoal crusher machine has low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.
4. Our machine is suitable for cement block, coal block, charcoal block, etc. 

Crusher effect display

Finished products of charcoal crusher
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Customer case

Customers site of charcoal crusher

Production process

Product line of charcoal crusher
Charcoal is conveyed to the charcoal crusher and crushed by high-speed impact in the crusher, at the same time, pulse dust catcher can efficiently avoid the environmental pollution in the crushing process. And then the crushed charcoal are transfer to the binder mixer, adhesive is added and stirred evenly. After stirring, the material are transfer to briquette machine for shaping. And after shaping, finished products can be dried by our air energy heat pump dryer, after drying they can be better stored and burned.

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